Growing up in a historical Tudor home in Pennsylvania that she describes as “fascinating,” Marilyn Schroeter learned at an early age the value of form and function in architecture. After graduating from Duke University with a double major, Marilyn began a successful run as an investment advisor for Merrill Lynch in North Carolina. Following her move to Florida, Marilyn began pursuing her longtime interest in building and design and discovered that she was perfectly suited for the construction business, as a certified, licensed contractor.

Marilyn's first building project, a 5,000 square foot, custom-designed medical office and therapeutic facility for an orthopedic surgeon, afforded her the unique opportunity of development from the ground-up. She found she enjoyed the intricacies involved in taking a project from idea to fruition. “I designed the office from scratch, on graph paper,” she recalls. “The architect's final plans reflected all of my initial designs. My ability to visualize the completed project, before being built, is a definite advantage.”

Shortly thereafter, Marilyn embarked upon her first high-end, custom, residential project, a stunning 6,000 square foot waterfront home that she designed, built and decorated. From pulling permits to hiring subcontractors to dressing the interior, she says that she found the process to be “a wonderful experience” that afforded her firsthand knowledge of the numerous issues and challenges facing homeowners seeking to create a customized high-end quality home of distinction.

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  Marilyn Schroeter  

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